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Industrie Lemieux Inc.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems

Andritz Kone Wood Ltd.

Cellwood Machinery Inc.

Ed Mcnabb


Johnston Dandy Co. Ltd.

Kvaerner Qtc Div. Kvaerner Canada Inc.

Tristar Industries Ltd.

Transphase Technology Ltd.

P.E. Printech Equipment Inc.

Canpa Instruments Inc.

Mec Fab Inc.

Noss Canada Inc.

Paprima Industries Inc.

Filtration Fibrewall Inc.

Hjg Mclean Ltd.

Pitney Bowes Danka

Enerquin Air Inc.

Voith Paper Canada Inc.

A & T Marketing Group Ltd.


Dorr-Oliver Eimco Canada

Andritz Inc.

Deacro Industries Ltd.

Metso Paper Ltd.

G L V Canada Inc.

Enerquin Air Inc.

Gl.&V/Dorr-Oliver Canada Inc.

Btg. Div. De Spectris Tchnlgs

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes

Liquiteck Industrial Sales Inc., Liquiteck Industrial Sales Inc.

Box Giants, Box Giants (Box Giants)

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