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Description of the Service

The use of robotics has become an integral part of modern manufacturing, with most manufacturers utilising their adaptability and efficiency to produce parts continuously without the need to stop.
ABB robotics are one of the most present robots used in manufacturing applications.
Robot test and ABB Robotic Repairs
ABB test robot performing its test cycle following a repair…all IRC5 repairs are fully functionally load tested to guarantee the repair.
Robot test facility
However, like any other piece of machinery robots will fail due to Servo motor, Drive or control failure. It is for this reason that here at Neu-servo we have decided to commission a fully functional robot test facility (please see our robot pictured) to support manufacturers quickly when they fail.
IRC5 controlled test robot
We have installed a full IRC5 controlled test robot which enables us to fault find and repair most IRC5 control hardware, such as servo amplifiers, axis computers, main computers and serial measurements boards.
Every repair we carry out will get a full functional soak test on our robot, which runs continuous soak test cycles guaranteeing our repair and providing a considerable cost saving to the end user.

Price of the Service

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