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Molecular Formula C10H4Cl2O2
Molecular Weight 227.05
CAS Registry Number 117-80-6
EINECS 204-210-5
Melting point 194-197 ºC
Boiling point 275 ºC (2 mmHg)
Water solubility 0.008 g/L
Hazard Symbols Xn;N
Risk Codes R22;R36/38;R50/53
Safety Description S26;S60;S61...

Description of the Product

Molecular Formula      C10H4Cl2O2  
Molecular Weight         227.05  
CAS Registry Number      117-80-6  
EINECS      204-210-5  
Melting point      194-197 ºC  
Boiling point      275 ºC (2 mmHg)  
Water solubility      0.008 g/L  
Hazard Symbols          Xn;N    
Risk Codes      R22;R36/38;R50/53    
Safety Description      S26;S60;S61    
Transport Information      UN 2761;UN 2811  
MSDS      Available  
Light yellow crystalline powder; Slightly soluble in acetone and benzene, dissolved in xylene and dichlorobenzene. Stable to light and acid
Mainly used for seed treatment and foliar spray.Also used as intermediates of pesticides and dyes.

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