New GPS Public Network Radio TM-991 - Product

 Quanzhou  -  China
New GPS Public Network Radio TM-991
  • New GPS Public Network Radio TM-991
  • New GPS Public Network Radio TM-991
Main Features:
2. Protectiontofollowingsituations:
3. Screenflipfunction
4. Shortcuttoswitchgroup,user,andtalkinghistory
5. Loudaudioandaudiocontrollockfunction

Description of the Product

Main Features:
1. Wide verizon LCD
2. Protection to following situations:
over voltage, over current, overloading and thunderstrike
3. Screen flip function
4. Shortcut to switch group, user, and talking history
5. Loud audio and audio control lock function
6. Multimedia Speaker to ensure audio quality 
7.Wide range of input voltage options: 12-28V
Unique for: taxi/bus, transporting company and logistics
Popular for: securityguard, railway, army, government, rescue, police and traveling

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Price of the Product

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Mobile Radio
  • Model TM-991
  • Dimension 72(H)×65 (W)×199(L)mm
  • Brand TESUNHO
  • Certification CE FCC
  • Origin China

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