Silence Extraoral Suction | Dental extraoral vacuum suction Silence of Ko-max Co.,Ltd.


Description of the Product

It is a machine that can prevent aerosol infections in places other than the hospital, such as dentists, internal medicine, dermatology, beauty salons, nail shops, and massage shops.

Model no : Dental extraoral vacuum suction Silence A200  
Power supply : Single phase AC 130V 50~60Hz
Output power : 1200W(120V)
Electrical current(A) : 120V(10A)
Air flow : 3.77m3/min(120V)
Air pressure : 120V 3,590pa(40P) 
Filter :
1st filter(Medium filter)
2nd filter(Super bio hepa or ulpa filter) 99.97% ~ 99.995%
3rd filter(Carbone filter)
4th filter (silence filter)       
Noise level : approx. 45 ~ 55dB
Usual temperature : 0~40℃
Arm weight : approx.1.2kg / box weight : approx.2.7kg
Body Weight : approx.13kg / box weight : approx. 15kg
Body size : 293(W)*730(H)*330(D)mm / Box size : 370mm × 1000mm × 420mm
Control mode :  step 1~9,
1st  filter running time(200T), 2nd & 3rd  filter running time(400T)
Mode( Power, suction, speed, reset, plasma & UV) Unlimited suction operation
Include parts : Main body, 3 joint silence arm, power cord, O type hood,Aluminum-hood
Separate parts(Option) : Aluminum-hood, O-hood, L-hood, U-hood,
Remote controller, plasma ionizer, UV led Steel 10kg pannel(to increase weight)External exhaust


Price of the Product

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