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Hallux Magic Insole (Functional Insoles for Adults)

from 5-Jul-2022 to 5-Jul-2023

1. Ergonomic insoles with ‘Hallux Magic Point,’ an important point of foot stability and mechanical mechanism
2. ‘Hallux Magic Point,' which is the contact area under the big toe,  induces a stable gait pattern and normal alignment of the arch
3. A product that improves the sensation and power in contact with the surface of the sole and helps the foot arch to form stably
4. Ergonomic insoles made by the Physical Therapy professor
5. Improved fit by using thin and flexible material
6. When bearing the weight to the ‘Hallux Magic Point,’ the air moves toward the foot arch and enhances the stability of the foot.

Dr.Friend Set

from 6-Jul-2022 to 6-Jul-2023

Dr. Friend believes that, as it is a bedding product that we use every day, it should be safe and have excellent functionality above all else.
With this belief, for over 30 years, we have been researching various sleep care functions that can help you get a good night's sleep in the most stable and comfortable environment.

So, the technology that was born is grounding technology, which has even been patented in South Korea, and various eco-friendly and functional special materials.

Dr. Friend is also paying attention to functional materials.
By adding the ability to utilize magnetic fields in the mattress, it has the ability to relieve muscle pain. In Korea, it has been recognized and registered as a medical device.

Injection Needle

from 3-Jul-2022 to 3-Jul-2023

Injection needle is a endoscopic instruments. It is used to inject medicine into mucos membranes or vessle during endoscopic procedure. 

1. Hard sheath

  Hard sheath with Polypropylene has more kink resistance than Soft sheath. Polypropylene mixed with silicone improves insertion sensitivity. Polypropylene mixed with silicone has a slippery property of being inserted into the working-channel more smoothly than Teflon or PP only.

2. Patented technology

 MENFIS KOREA have a patant for sheath part. This patatant is registered in Europe, US.

Black Balloon Flower

from 3-Jul-2022 to 3-Jul-2023

Fermented(nine-time steaming and nine-time drying)

Fermented(nine-time steaming and nine-time drying) Black Balloon Flower Product in the form of stick. Added by ulmus, mint ,and codonopsis. It helps with immunity enhancement, fatigue recovery, and bronchial tubes.

Steaming and drying the herb can enrich  the nutrients inside and make nutrient particles smaller so that they can be absorbed into the body for better efficacy.


from 3-Jul-2022 to 3-Jul-2023

LiberaToe-6 is premium multi-effects platform features modular structure offering 6 slots, dual channel adoption on every modules, and special switching, ambidextrous mode.

● Six slots for dual channel modules
● 100 banks x 4 patches, total 400 presets
● Built-in buffers, enhancer, cabsim, reversal/parallel control,  amp controls. S/R loop, pluggable remote switch(option)
● Ambidextrous switching to use presets and individual control simultaneously
● DC 24V, 2.5A current
● 20.8’ x 7.28’ x 2.83’ (530 x 185 x 72mm)
● 7.7lbs (3.5kg) when incorporating 6 modules
● Adaptation to IoT (to be announced, unique feature out of analog based effects)

Yeoju Powder / Duroowrll Yeoju Powder

from 3-Jul-2022 to 3-Jul-2023

100% domestic material originated from Yeoju / Excellent medical effects caused by fast absorption into the body based on ultrafine powder texture / Convenient stick-type package / Prevention of corruption and contamination based on individual vacuum sealing packing / Excellent storage and management

R3 Multi Serum

from 4-Jul-2022 to 4-Jul-2023

It contains naturally derived antioxidant components and niacinamide and adenosine It not only improves wrinkles but also brightens up your skin All.

*Refresh Skin Charging [Moisture, Moisture]
*Recovery Skin Care [Anti-oxidation, Whitening]
*Resilience Skin Elasticity [Elasticity, Wrinkle Care]

* Radi-Scavenger-NL with Newland Antioxidant Patent Ingredient
* Fish Collagen Peptide
* It contains nanoliposome peptides
* Human application test completed
- Results of the human body application test for moisturizing, elasticity, brightness, and wrinkles around the eyes of R3 multi-serum
Improvements have been identified, and during the four-week trial period, there is a special case for the product usage area

Single Use Pulse Lavage

from 3-Jul-2022 to 3-Jul-2023

The single use medical lavage is used to clean the trauma area. The single use medical lavage is easy to clean the wound completely and quickly. The single use medical lavage reduces side effects greatly such as infection and drastically reduces overall surgery time.  It is an easy product for all artificial joint surgeries.
*Main body: 101x216x52(mm)  weight 340g  *Battery part: 165x46(mm) weight 260g   *Radial Spray Tip(Accessory): 201x71x15(mm) weight 50g  *Tube length: 3m  *Power: Internal Power Unit B Type DC12V(8N-LR6)  *Flow rate: 600cc/30sec

Micro-D Connectors

from 3-Jul-2022 to 3-Jul-2023

JEIS's Micro-D is a D-shaped, durable alluminum enclosure that provides EMI shielding, provides polarity and improves installation reliability.
JEIS's Micro D is a D-shaped micro-miniature rectangular connector designed for applications requiring rugged, high performance, high density pitch interconnects with a density of 0.050"(1.27mm). JEIS's Micro-D is the ideal connector for applications that need to minimize weight and space while maintaining maximum stability.
Gold-plated Twist pins ensure reliable connection.
Micro-D is one of the most widely used high-density connectors.
JEIS's Micro-D connectoors is designed to meet MIL-DTL-83513 standards and gurantees excellent mating performance and environment

NWK A-FV Floating Corona Virus Sterilizer

from 30-Jun-2022 to 30-Dec-2022

NWK A-FV(Anti-Fabric Virus)

Indoor Anti-Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Dew Condensation, Non Flammable. Deodorant

NWK A-FMV has huge Egg Shell of inside paint. Egg Shell generates nano size oils in the air. Nano Oils kill Virus as well as Bacteria and Fungus on the surface for 3years. It is moved in the air by means of atmospheric temperature.

Technical Summary
○ As a complex compound made up of Silicate + Modified, Compound Natural Oil, 
1) COVID-19 Sterilization: 99.0% within 2hr  
2) Kills Germs (Colon Bacillus, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pneumococcus): 99.9% (24hr),
3) Removes Stench (Ammonia, Acetate): 99.9% (2hr), 
4) Result of Testing Human Skin Irritation: Non-irritating (24hr) 

8 flavors Rainbow Cube mix

from 3-Jul-2022 to 3-Jul-2023

8 flavors in 24 pieces
Cheese, Strawberry, Mango, Banana, Melon, Green Apple, Blueberry, Raspberry
It consists of 8 flavors of fruits.
The easiest preference without any likes or dislikes, Best sales rate product.
80g in total. Fork included.


from 29-Jun-2022 to 29-Jun-2023

'-High Frequency Inverter
-Self Diagnosis with Error Codes
-Easy Operation
-Touch Screen Generator Console
-Easy DR upgrade
-Available 40kW ~ 64kW 
-CE certification

3D Puzzle (General)

from 29-Jun-2022 to 29-Jun-2023

Category :
 World's Landmarks(Big Model)
 Theme Park 
 DIY Coloring


from 30-Jun-2022 to 30-Jun-2023

1)Centella Asiatica Extract (150ml): Effective for calming/moisturizing/skin elasticity
2)Sodium Hyaluronate (150ml): Low-molecular hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture from evaporating to maintain moisture
3)Organic Green Tea Extract (Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract, 150ml): Helps with skin texture and soothes reddish skin with moisture.
4)PP (Pure-pore) Toner (300ml): Pore toner with AHA, BHA, and PHA components that gently cleanse dead skin cells and residues on rough skin and care for skin texture to make it smooth


Bu:tiPure Hair Color

from 30-Jun-2022 to 30-Jun-2023

◆ Bu:tiPure Hair Color ◆
Bu:tiPure Hair Color is a lotion type One-day hair color.
-Unlike existing dyes, it is a hair make-up product that returns to the original hair color when applied by hand and washed off with shampoo.
-On a special day, when we need a change in our looks, Enjoy your creativity with Bu:ti Pure! It makes pretty simple to make Hair Coloring.
-7 Colors : Vivid Red / Groovy Orange / Ash Green / Midnight Blue / Luminous Violet / Natural Black / Chocolate Brown (Black and Brown are for people who have gray hair.)

Theranova 6.2 Personal

from 29-Jun-2022 to 29-Jun-2023

Product Feature:
Ceramic Thermal + Vibration + Decompression (Suction+Release)

It is an application specially manufactured with ceramic devices that penetrates heat and far-infrared rays into the skin and at the same time implements strong vacuum pressure ,decompression, and vibration. Innovative general massager
Helps Slimming, Reduce the cellulite, Release the muscle tension. 
One of Body Care Device of Korea Beauty industry 


from 30-Jun-2022 to 30-Jun-2023

The UCOS-HIFU has the advantage of removing wrinkles and lifting the skin without performing surgical procedures directly on the skin. The HIFU is an indirect treatment with little damage and no side effects to the upper skin area. With relatively small amount of treatment time of 10 to 30 minutes, it can improve skin elasticity and remove fine wrinkles. The users can also go back to their daily life right after the treatment procedure without any side effects.
The UCOS-HIFU system can be used for local areas to prevent damage to skin tissues. The system is used to remove wrinkles, drooping eyelids, wrinkles around the chin, around the eyes and around the mouth, and to restore skin elasticity and regeneration capability. 


from 28-Jun-2022 to 28-Jun-2023

SHINE MUSCAT is a new breed that is cultivated in Akijujijujian, a Japanese fruit field test site, and is edible as a decorative texture.
High levels of sulfur and green grapes are preferred because of low levels of acidity and high sugar content.
In Korea, it is called mango grapes because of the mango flavor in Korea.

*Can be eaten with a crust.
* Has sugar content of 18x or higher.
* Movement and storage are high.
  (Up to 1 month in room temperature and up to 3 months in cold water)
* Podou is no substitute, and the distinctive aroma of muscat is strong.
* Sometimes there is a seed, but there is no seed.


from 28-Jun-2022 to 28-Jun-2023

The core layer of FINEO LVT uses 100% Virgin compound without heavy metals.
It maintains the unifromity of quality in the latest fully automatied in-line production
system and manages much higher quality products.
FINEO ProductFINEO LVT is an eco-friendly product made from green plasticizer harmless to the human.
It is resistant to pet scratches and pollution caused by excrement.
It can be easily removed by water cleaning.
FINEO ProductFINEO LVT has an excellent design reality.
It’s surface emboss satisfies both design and
function with reallistic 3D effect and non-slip safety.


from 28-Jun-2022 to 28-Jun-2023


The AED is intended to be used to treat someone who is unresponsive, non-breathing and pulseless for the adult and pediatric (infant-child) in all area of a hospital, pre-hospital, public access, alternate care and home healthcare environment. AED is designed to easy to use.
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