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Our main business is cigarette filters and RYO filter tips

70-1, Salcheoni-gil, Gwanghyewon-myeon, Jincheon-gun
Chungcheongbuk-do 27810
South Korea

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Cigarette filters, RYO filter tips, Cigarette filters, smoke filter, tobacco filters

# Main producsts
1)PURE Slims Natural Cotton Filter
2)PURE Slims Charcoal Value Pack Filter
3)PURESlims Charcoal Filter
4)PURE Slims Crush Ice Menthol Filter
5)PURE Slims Extreme Long Value Pack Filter

# About JSB Co., Ltd.
Our company was established in Korea in 2009.
Our company produces tobacco-related products, and at the same time exports and imports tobacco-related products.
Let me explain about our products, we produce filters to put on the end of cigarette. put the filter on the tip of the cigarette and do not remove it, and it is less inconvenient to use
Although export was difficult at first,it has been steadily exporting to Japan since 2012.
In the future, we plan to export our products worldwide.we're going to be a globally recognized company.

We produces products that are more durable and competitive than those of any other country.
Compared to products from other countries, they never fall behind.
Our employees work day and night to make the best cigarette filter and are proud of the product.
In the future, we will try to produce the best products and become a bigger company.

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Year established 2017
Co.Registration No 547-88-00939
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 43 753 7872

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Area : Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific
Country : New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia

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  • 2017

    1,965,246 USD

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    1,270,161 USD

  • 2015

    804,082 USD

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Joong Hoi Huh


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Nov 12 2018

PURE Slims Crush Ice Menthol Filter

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